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 Getting Started!

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Getting Started! Empty
PostSubject: Getting Started!   Getting Started! Icon_minitimeFri Nov 23, 2012 5:36 pm

This is the guide you can use to help get you started on the site.

Part 1 Getting started
Well now that you have registered you might want to get yourself a avatar and a signature by clicking profile on the tab. You can also edit any thing there if u feel needed. Now you should be able to add signatures and avatars by clicking preferences on the tab and clicking the button that puts ur signature in all your posts. Then there should be 2 more tabs that allow you 2 add a signature and your avatar.

Part 2 Introductions and Farewells
Okay now that your done with that you should heaf over to the introductions and farewells section and write your introduction. You should also take the time to read and get to know your fellow members.This is also where you can post your farewells incase you leave the site.

Part 3 Factions and Inner teams

Okay now after that your gonna wanna pick your faction you pick your faction by clicking on 1 and making a post say this is your room. There are 3 factions Red,Blue and White. You wont be allowed to change your faction so please pick wisely. Inner teams are very active so pick your teams from 1s already made and ask to join by pming the leader or make your own. I hope the inner teams are following the guide on how to make them.
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Getting Started!
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